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 A little about Bev

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to know what makes people do what they do, why they think what they think and why they react to situations, in the way that they do.

My search for understanding has led to even more questions: Why am I here, what is the point of everything and I think for me the most profound question….. Who am I?

The material in my talks and workshops has been gathered over time. I have studied many philosophies and even more “how-to ideas” from many different people. Through trial and error, the application of the information learned and a willingness to explore what lies within and beyond the mind and emotion, I have come to a point where I feel good about myself, where I know that I have a place in this universe and where I am so grateful to be able to share with others what I have learnt on my journey.

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More about Bev

Bev had the transformative experience of connecting with her “Inner Consciousness” and she is grateful to be able to share the beautiful insights that she has gained on this journey.She believes that the inner journey is far more significant than any outer journey that can be taken.

Being physical is a miraculous state which offers so many opportunities for growth, joy and change. Bev guides others to recognize, understand and direct the impact of their emotions, intellect and identity on their life experience. Bev is grateful for every experience that she has been through (the “good”, the “bad” and even the “ugly”), because every single experience has brought her to the point where she is right now and in her words “There is no better place to be”.

She believes that hidden within each of us is the ability to create the lives that we are looking for: the happiness, the peace, the relationships, the success and the joy. When we focus inwards, instead of outwards, we give ourselves the possibility of finding the answers we are looking for.

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Her talks and workshops are based on personal experience; her search for her own happiness and self realization has resulted in the accumulation and assimilation of knowledge from a wide range of philosophies and she looks forward to sharing and learning with others.

What's on offer

Through making new choices – we craft our lives.

There are a number of great topics available. Should you require a tailor-made talk, I will happily work with you to create what you need.
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The workshops are designed to be experiential and some workshops are held over a number of days, to allow the information shared to be integrated.
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Looking for some fun, creative team building?
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