Choose from one of the following or work with bev to create a tailor-made talk to suit your specific needs

The Art of Happiness

The Art of Happiness talk challenges the perception that our happiness depends on circumstances and influences outside of ourselves.

Bev introduces new perceptions and beliefs that will enable participants to start the process of creating happiness, instead of searching for it!

 Target Audience: All

The Value of an Attitude

When Bev was going through cancer she was often told to
“just have a positive attitude”.
But what does that really mean?
How is it quantified and does it really matter?

Bev shares her knowledge gained from her expedition into understanding attitude…
where it comes from,
how it influences our lives,
and – most importantly – how to consciously create it.

Target Audience: All

The Power of Resilience

Being able to bounce back, move with the flow and maintain an even keel when life gets rough is a skill that can be learned by anyone.

Once we can make peace with the challenging aspects of our lives, we are then in a position to start identifying how we can better cope.

Bev guides participants to new perspectives and attitudes that can create inner balance and strength.

Target Audience: All

Live Alive!

Bev’s journey through cancer has created within her a passion and zest for life.

In Live Alive! she shares the life-enhancing lessons she gained on her journey.

This heart-warming, fun talk is full of humour and life insights, giving participants an abundance of easy to apply techniques to


Target Audience: All

Celebrate Life

Bev developed this talk for cancer patients, their families and supporters. She regularly shares this information at support groups across Johannesburg.

Bev has recently started giving this talk at corporates, in response to a need in the workplace to understand cancer, its emotional impact and social stigma.

Celebrating Life is an uplifting and connecting talk that gives participants a glimpse into cancer, from both the perspective of the patient and the supporter and offers tools to both, to better cope with the impact of this experience.

Target Audience: Cancer patients, family members, caregivers, corporates.

Conversations about Death and Dying

Bev has had the privilege of sharing time with family members and cancer patients leading up to and at the time of their dying. Her initial fear of the process was quickly replaced with a reverence and acceptance of this natural and inevitable part of all our lives.

Bev has experienced first-hand that if a willingness exists to talk about this often taboo subject, those who are dying and those who will be left behind are offered an opportunity to experience death in a more profound and powerful way. Closure is reached more easily and much of the fear and unanswered questions are addressed in a practical and gentle manner.

Target Audience: Anyone working in a field where they are in dealing with people who are ill or aging. Anyone interested in this conversation.